How secure is your data?


When it comes to security, has spared nothing.

We understand that data security is a major concern and we've taken specific actions to protect your files. Although no system can be 100% fool proof and removed from disaster, we have addressed this security issue with very sophisticated planning and solutions. ex it and retrieve it all on command.

Your archived data is never more than a point and click away!

Physical Security


The bank-like vault which stores your data is protected by several physical layers of security. 4 outside video cameras span the parking lot and outside of the datacenter. Inside the facility 2 internal ceiling mount video cameras monitor the exits and hallways on 24hr tape.

Human access throughout the building is controlled by Picture ID Proximity Cards.
The access log files for the building entry, hallways, staircase and room are recorded and monitored daily.

The datacenter also has an advanced fire suppression system and is fully monitored by a Fike model 10-052 fire alarm with 16 sensors.


Network Security

The entire vault is protected by an Industry-Leading Cyberguard firewall. The combination of a hardened OS and "Multi Level Security" keeps unauthorized intruders from getting root access. This makes the CyberGuard firewall virtually impenetrable. CyberGuard's hybrid methods of packet filtering provides one of the most granular inspections of every packet of data. This means uncompromised security from foul play.


Logical Security

In order to secure every userís data from prying eyes, all data is transmitted and stored in an encrypted format.
All communications between the client and server are protected by using one of the Federal Data Encryption Standardís encryption forms.

DES, Triple-DES and Blowfish are some of the most secure technologies available today and provide the greatest level of protection. If you like you can even rotate the encryption for additional protection. The software is even available with exportable levels of encryption for International customers