Backup From Anywhere – Laptops have officially outpaced desktop sales. With SOSRemote you can run a backup from anywhere: home, the office, or even the coffee shop.

Automated Daily
– Put your internet connection to work while you’re asleep. Setup a daily schedule to run at 9pm and the system will wake and transfer any changes since the last backup.

Backup and Shutdown – Simply the easiest most effective way to protect your computer! Rather than keep a daily schedule, with this option your computer is backed up every time you log off or shut down the system – guaranteeing that up to the second changes are protected.


Backups "The next Generation of backups is really about the Restore."

After all isn’t protecting your data about restoring your data when you need it most. With SOSRemote you can schedule backups to run everyday or every time you shutdown your computer. Once a full backup has been performed, only the changed data needs to be sent; much like your email.

Our service utilizes the latest in backup technology that allows you optimize the speed and size of your backup sets. It’s called “binary patching”.

Simply put, If only 1 kilobyte of data has actually changed in the file, then only a 1 kilobyte patch is extracted for backup thus eliminating the overhead imposed by older technologies.

How do I set up my first backup? - After you install the client software a registration wizard will help you create your first backup set. You select the files, you select the schedule, you select the frequency. Set it and then forget it.

Where is my data going? - You files are stored in a secure Data Vault and then mirrored. This facility provides a home for many Mission Critical Internet Applications. For more than 10 years our staff has been hosting business solutions for some of the most respected names in business.

Can I do more than one backup a day? - Yes. If you have critical files or a database that change frequently throughout the day, you may want to protect your data 3 or 4 times a day. This will ensure the most current version of your file is off-site.

When can I do my first backup? - Immediately. As soon as you signup for service and the client software is installed.