Backup From Anywhere – Laptops have officially outpaced desktop sales. With SOSRemote you can run a backup from anywhere: home, the office, or even the coffee shop.

Immediate Access to your Data – day, night, home or the office. Your data is accessible 24 hours a day.

Restore a Single File - recover from “mini” disasters such as accidental file deletion.

Full Restore on CD – for large restores order a restore CD for complete account retrieval

Versioning - return your data to a point prior to virus or other attack


"There are two types of people in this world: those who have lost data; and those who will lose data."

The key here is that you are prepared to restore your data when you need it. myRestore provides IMMEDIATE access to your data when you need it. With myRestore eliminate the devastation that will happen when your computer files are suddenly gone.

Viruses, worms, hard drive crashes..... It’s just a matter of time.

Have you ever accidentally saved over a document that you were working on, just to realize that it was your only copy? myRestore is easy enough to use that retrieving a single file is just seconds away. Traditional backup and restore procedures are so difficult that most of the time it is not worth your effort. myRestore allows you to find “the needle in the haystack” in just a matter of minutes. These little emergencies are now easy to recover from.


is one of the most important features of myRestore. What good is a backup copy of a corrupted file? Our service will allow you to go back in time and recover a file before it was infected. Maybe you just need a single file from last Thursday or an entire volume of data from 1 week ago before the virus hit your system. With myRestore you have instant access to any version of your files. You have the capability of recovering any version of a file from the most recent backup to the last 30 days.

Am I charged if I have to restore my files?
No. Your service fee includes unlimited backups and restores.

How are my files protected during the restore?  The same encryption process is used that secured the backup set. Your data is always encrypted, from the time it's backed up to the request for the secret key for the restore.

Can I restore a file from last week even if I deleted it from my PC? - Absolutely. That is part of the value of keeping multiple versions of files. You can go back to a unique version of a file at a specific date or time. Our system will also scan for single copies of files and safeguard from deleting a single copy.